The DRO Health platform makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to receive quality and affordable healthcare.

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Our Services

Consultations, Recommendations & Checkups


See your doctor ASAP or book a time instead. You get to choose when.

Notes & Messages

All notes and messages in one place from any doctor or nurse you interact with. Longevity is important.


Prescriptions, diagnostic tests and orders. All you can ever need in one place.


Your device, your time

Talk to your doctor anytime

Talk with a doctor


Video call with a doctor


Chat with a doctor


Notes, Messages & Recommendations

All your information in one place

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Patient notes

All notes taken by doctors and nurses are available anytime you need them

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All your prescriptions, diagnostic tests and orders in one place. This feature is coming soon

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Chats & Messages

View your chat history with any doctor and send or recieve questions for any finished appointment

Personalised diagnostic feature is coming soon!

Exceptional Doctors

All verified by the MDCN

DRO Health Doctors
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Top class variety

Thoroughly verified doctors with extensive backgrounds in different specialties

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Custom Time

Doctors have the ability to choose between 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute consultations

Need more information about doctors on DRO Health? Contact our doctor liaison team at

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Keep your family close

Link your DRO Health accounts

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Linked accounts

Your family all in one place

DRO Health family
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Linked Payments

Link your DRO Wallet to your family and all family members will be able to use it

Our Prices


Starting from N1500

Prescriptions & Diagnostic Tests

Starting from N1500

Business Pricing

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Coming soon!

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