Frequently Asked Questions


DRO Health is free to download. Some services will need to be paid for though. This can be found here.

All registering doctors have to be individually verified by our doctor review team, and then with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria before being approved to join DRO Health.

Anyone can use DRO Health as long as they are in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, no. This is for legal reasons.


Consultations have a default time of 30 minutes. However, doctors can make their appointments 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Consultations take place through a built in low-bandwidth video chat. Users can choose to only use audio or chat during the consultation.

The price of a consultion varies depending on the length of the consultation and doctor's fee. The default fee for consultations is N1500 however.


Checkups are done by an artificial intelligence system curated by human experts, verified knowledge, and statistical facts.

The accuracy of the AI system is dependent on the information entered. Questions are asked based on responses and a conclusion is only made when enough information has been gathered. In addition to that, the checkup system gives you all possible conditions relating to your input to avoid misdirection.

Without the checkup tool, the first few minutes of your consultation will be spent gathering your symptoms through questions. Using the checkup tool drastically reduces that time by sending the doctor all your symptoms and answered questions beforehand (with your permission).

If you cannot see the Checkup option then it has been temporarily removed due to an issue and will be back shortly.



A maximum of 7 people can be added to a family (8 in total including you).

The person that creates the family can choose to link their DRO Wallet to their family so everyone in the family can use it for services.

Only the family creator can delete family members. However, family members can leave a family if they want to.


Go to your profile and you will see "Edit" on the top right corner.

In theory, yes. Nothing can stop you from giving your friend your login details. However, your personal data wont be as secure. DRO Health is free to download and sign up so there is no benefit unless you want to share payments and in that case you can just create a family.

Email with your request and you will be sent a delete confirmation to make sure you are the one that requested it. After it has been confirmed, your account will then be deleted.

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